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This is more than just a savings account – it establishes your membership in the credit union. Once you open a Share Savings Account, you are entitled to all the benefits of membership. With a minimum deposit of $25, you can take advantage of our high-yield savings and investments, great loan rates and low service fees.

Best of all, this investment can last your entire life!

What should you know about share savings?

When you open a Share Savings Account, you become a member and owner of GO Federal Credit Union.


  • Members are eligible to take advantage of all credit union products and services! Sign up today and take advantage of our low loan rates, reap the rewards of our savings options and enjoy the convenience of our online services!
  • Your membership enables your family members to become members of the credit union too.
  • You remain a member for life, unless the account is closed.

Account Details

Questions? Give us a call at 214-742-6551.