Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

Identity Theft

Reporting Identity Theft

If you are a member of GO Federal Credit Union and have experienced Identity Theft affecting your GO FCU account, state law requires you to provide us with the following:

  • A sworn statement that you are a victim of fraud/ID theft, including written authorization allowing GO FCU to submit the necessary information to the State of Texas
  • A copy of the police report

Once we receive the applicable paperwork, GO FCU is required to close your affected account. This will protect you (the fraud victim) from being accused of passing bad checks on the affected account. You may open a new account number at the time the affected account is closed.

To begin the process, please print the Sworn Statement of Identity Theft or contact one of our representatives at 214-742-6551 to request that a Sworn Statement of Identity Theft be mailed to you. Complete the form and bring it to one of our branch locations, along with the required police report. The form must be notarized, a service which can be provided by GO FCU. Please feel free to contact us at the above telephone numer with any questions.

Fraud Prevention

Plastic Card Fraud

Plastic card fraud has continued to grow. Although plastic cards are extremely well accepted, convenient, and safe, there are instances of counterfeiting and other fraudulent use around the world. GO Federal Credit Union maintains its commitment to provide secure financial services to our members, so we constantly monitor the areas where fraud is occurring so that we can take steps to protect our members.

There are currently numerous fraudulent transactions orginating from countries in Eastern Europe. Although GO FCU members have generally not been affected by these instances of fraud, we want to protect our members from transactions that originate in geographic areas where there appears to be a high concentration of fraudulent activity. Therefore, as of May 2008, we have blocked debit card transactions that originate from most Eastern European countries. If you plan to travel to Eastern Europe, please contact us at 214-742-6551 to authorize us to permit VISA® debit card transactions that originate from one or more of these countries on your GO FCU account. In fact, it's always a good idea to notify us when you travel so that we can monitor any unusual activity on your account.

To reduce losses, as of September 2011, GO FCU elected to block signature-based transactions greater than $250 at merchants such as Walmart, Target, Cosco and Sam's. If you experience any difficulty in completing a signature based transaction, remember you can use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete the transaction. This block will remain in effect until further notice. Thank you for your patience.

Please click here for an additional publication that explains how to minimize plastic card fraud.

Beware of Fraud!

GO Federal Credit Union will never ask for your account information with a text message, voicemail or email. Criminals have become very sophisticated in trying to obtain personal information that can be used for identity theft and/or fraud. Here are some ways to be alert and protect yourself and your personal information:

  • Do NOT access GO FCU's website by clicking on a link provided in an email. Simply type into your browser address bar
  • Do NOT respond to any text message with financial or personal information
  • Do NOT provide account information over the phone unless you initiate the transaction
  • NEVER disclose your passwords to others

Please call us at 214-742-6551 if you feel you have been a victim of identity theft or fraud.