My GO Finances

My GO Finances

Manage your money more effectively (and reduce your financial stress) with My GO Finances, a free personal financial management tool in GO online banking.

Getting Started

1. To begin, login to GO online banking
2. Click on Account Information
3. Choose the My GO Finances tab
4. Select Goals on the menu bar

Setting Goals

1. Click on the Goals tab and then click Add a Goal

Then choose the type of goal you want to create – Savings or Debt Reduction. Keep the goal measurable, achievable and time-based. The My GO Finances tool will guide you.

2. Set amount and account

My GO Finances will ask you to link your goal to an account. If one of your goals is to reduce debt, be sure you have added the account (you can add accounts from other financial institutions) to My GO Finances to make the goal realistic.

How to Add Accounts:

  • Select Add Account from the menu
  • Enter your ID and password for each account you wish to aggregate
  • My GO Finances will compile all of the data
  • Explore all of your accounts in this one secure window

3. Select a completion and notification method

Choose a goal completion date. Then My GO Finances will calculate how much you need to save/pay each month to achieve your goal. Or, specify how much you can apply to your goal each month and My GO Finances will estimate the date you will achieve your goal.

4. Set where and how you want to be kept informed of your progress

Automatic notifications are a great way to stay connected with your goals. Putting the goal on your My GO Finances dashboard can also help keep the goal top of mind.

5. Confirm the goal

My GO Finances will show you a Goal Summary complete with current status and estimated completion date.

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