Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Since 1937, GO Federal Credit Union has helped members grow and thrive, providing banking services, education, and support. We currently serve over 16,000 members and their families. Hear from a few of our members below:

"When asked why I bank with GOFCU, it is all about relationships, products and service. I love the updated website and enjoy reading the monthly emails. Two of the employees have helped me on multiple occasions over the phone. Recently I had the pleasure of going to the credit union and they were most helpful in converting my account to a Kasasa account. They offered easy tips on how to maximize my dividends, knowing that my primary goal was to build my savings. My new account took 15 minutes to open. I was able to access the new account immediately on my cell phone using the GOFCU Mobile App. What I love most about GOFCU is that when I need assistance, I can call or send an email and my request is taken care of immediately.”

- Rebecca M.


"I moved everything over to GOFCU because I’ve just had the very best experience each time I’ve done business with them. When I’ve financed my cars with them, the process has been seamless and painless. GOFCU is on top of the paperwork and I’m in and out of the dealership quickly. They know my name and what I need. I didn’t get that with my bank. I didn’t really get anything special with my bank. So, I switched everything over, and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. I can get everything I need at the credit union."

- Jesse M.



"After my husband passed away, the GOFCU employees at the Lancaster branch, were so kind to help me through switching all my accounts and getting me through a tough time. GOFCU has always treated me well. I love coming to the branch and seeing cheerful faces to help me with my transactions. Thank you for all the sweet things you do for me."

 - Barbara G.