New and Pre-Owned Auto Loans

Getting a good deal on your next auto purchase is important to you and it's critical to prepare for all aspects before you even begin to shop. Otherwise, you are likely to get a higher interest rate than you deserve, and are more than likely paying too much for your new purchase.

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The first step in preparing is to determine exactly what kind of vehicle you want. Consider the following:

  • How big does your vehicle need to be?
  • Who and what will you be transporting?
  • How important are fuel economy and safety features?
  • Are there any additional features you desire?

If you have decided this beforehand, you are less likely to get talked into something you don't want or need.

Online Resources and Publications

There are numerous publications and online resources available to help you decide what auto best suits you. These sites provide vehicle descriptions, ratings, reviews, comparisons and other useful information. This research can all be done at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or office.

Before You Shop - Get Pre-Approved at GO

Once you have an idea of what you want, but before you hit the road to shop for your new vehicle, visit GO FCU or give us a call at 214-742-6551. Our knowledgeable staff will take the headaches out of your entire car buying experience and will give you the knowledge and leverage you need throughout the process. We will:

  • Provide an estimate of your payment
  • Get you pre-approved
  • Assist you in finding the right dealer to get the best deal possible
    • Let us know what vehicle you are shopping for.
    • We will work with dealerships to locate your vehicle and get you the best price.
    • We will supply you with cost information, a pre-approval letter, and the dealership contact information.
    • Our pre-approval letter features instructions for you and the dealer and informs the dealer that you will be financing your purchase through GO FCU.
  • For convenience, you can sign the paperwork at the dealership and drive away in your new vehicle. It's that easy! A smart move, since GO FCU is trustworthy, offers competitive rates and provides excellent service.

Apply online, call us at 214-742-6551, or visit one of our convenient branches to get pre-approved.